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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:11pm JST

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hello and welcome to "newsline." one month has passed since the shooting down of the malaysia airlines jet in eastern ukraine, but investigators are unable to resume their work due to fighting. the plane carrying 298 people was shot down july 17th other eastern ukraine. the aircraft was on its way to the malaysian capital from the netherlands. a team of international experts
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began an on-site investigation early this month. frequent shelling forced them to suspend their work. they are hoping to resume when the situation improves. government forces have stepped up their offense. intense gunfire occurred saturday through sunday morning leaving ten people dead. the separatists shot down a mig-29 fighter jet sunday morning. ukraine has confirmed the russian convoy of trucks heading for eastern ukraine is carrying humanitarian aid. they suspected they might be carrying troops and weapons. the russian government said it dispatched 280 trucks. drinking water, food and medical supplies are running low in donetsk due to the fighting.
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they sent custom officials that inspected the cargo with the help of the international committee of the red cross. the government announced saturday the trucks were carrying humanitarian aid. they will be transported by the red cross. there are concerns about whether the aid can be delivered safely. the convoy will have to travel through areas of eastern ukraine controlled by pro-russian militants. islamic extremists have reportedly killed 80 yazidis in northern iraq. they are intensifying their persecution of the religious minority. they say militants killed about 80 yazidi villages on friday. they reportedly demand they
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convert to islam. they shot dead men who refused before taking away women and children. the united nations says the persecution has forced more than 200,000 people to flee their homes in northern iraq this month. many are trapped in mountainous areas. the united states attacked an islamic extremist position near mosul. it's the ninth consecutive day of u.s. air strikes. the u.s. military said it launched nine air strikes on two locations including the mosul dam. the extremists seized the dam earlier this month raising fears they could cut off water supplies. u.s. officials say their planes destroyed armored personnel carriers and other vehicles.
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the u.s. air strikes for the past eight days had been centered on two northern locations including erbil where american diplomats are staying. sunni militants are closing in on the city. they said saturday's strikes were aimed at supporting humanitarian efforts and protecting u.s. personnel and facilities. the governor of the u.s. state of missouri has declared a state of emergency. the move follows a week of violent clashes. >> i signed an order declaring a state of emergency and imputation of a curfew in the impacted area of ferguson. >> the curfew had been in effect until 5:00 a.m. sunday. but opponents are demanding that state authorities bring the police officer who shot 18-year-old michael brown to justice. brown was unarmed when he was killed in ferguson. seven demonstrators were
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arrested for ignoring the curfew. a gun was fired and one person was injured. on saturday about 300 people gathered at a vigil for the teenager. they say race was an element in his killing. civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson joined them to lead a prayer. >> this should never have happened. it should not happen anymore. >> it's just heartbreaking and i think i bear responsibility for part of this. if i didn't act, my heart couldn't stand it. >> police earlier released video footage implicating brown in a robbery at a store just before he was shot. the world food program says it will extend food aid to a million people in three ebola-hit west african
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countries. medical workers are struggling to deal with the latest outbreak of the virus. a spokesperson with the u.n. body told nhk that soaring food prices in rural areas are causing a crisis requiring an immediate aid package. >> that's why we plan to feed around 1 million people for the next three months in the three countries affected. >> the world health organization suspects 1,145 people have died from the virus mostly in those three countries and nigeria. fear of the outbreak is disrupting the flow of people and goods causing severe shortages of food. scientists humans are first infected from wild animals often eaten in west africa. officials with the wfp believe food aid is vital to prevent transmission of the virus. kenya airways says it will temporarily suspend flights due
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to the spread of ebola. they said the suspension will begin on tuesday. it sites the kenyan government restricti restriction. the airline says it has been transporting medical workers and supplies to help contain the outbreak. british airways and several other airlines have already suspended flights. the world health organization says it is unlikely the virus can be contracted on flights. but anxiety among airline passengers and crews remains strong. more to come here on "newsline." fist, here's the extended world weather forecast.
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young anime fans are in pop culture heaven this weekend. one of the largest animation fairs in southeast asia was underway in the capital of jakarta. >> about 80 firms are taking
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part in the event including a major japanese toy maker. it is being organized by countries including singapore. they lined up to buy toy figures of their favorite characters. and visitors dressed up in anime costumes. they could also try on traditional summer kimonos at a booth set up by the japanese government. >> translator: awesome. >> the organizers say indonesia is a promising market with the young population keenly interested in japanese pop culture. they expect 60,000 visitors to come to the three-day fair. singapore can look forward to a similar event slated for december. that's it for this edition
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of "newsline." bye for now. ♪ on this week's "sports japan," we feature the tug of war, a fascinating sport that requires more than brute strength and reveal the tactics used by some of japan's top


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